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Academic Coach

Williams Educational Consultants has Academic Coaches who provide students with personalized programs to identify and assist them with their academic needs in most subject areas including test prep. Our mission is to have the family as a whole benefit from our services by easing the stress levels that students and parents undergo throughout the school year due to academic rigor. Williams Educational Consultants will strengthen a student’s knowledge of a subject and work with the student on developing exceptional learning, study, organizational and time-management skills to help them succeed in all aspects of life.


  • Work with Students to identify academic struggles.
  • Create personalized programs for each student.
  • Help students with study skills and prepare for tests.
  • Assist students on strengthening their learning skills.
  • Show Students how to be better organized.
  • Teach students how to develop effective time-management skills.
  • Help students focus on their academic goals and how to reach them.
  • Motivate students to go the extra mile to achieve academic success.

If you feel that your student would benefit from an Academic Coach, please contact Williams Educational Consultants at 770-633-1478 or wendy@williamseducational.com.