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College Admissions

Is your student ready for college? Do you need help unraveling the mysteries and hidden agendas of college admissions? Is your student involved in the right activities? Do you have a student who will need support in college due to a learning difference? Is your student at the top of the class and needs a competitive application for admissions? Are you worried that you have not looked at all the possibilities? What major is best for your student to study in college? How much is a college education going to cost your family? The college process is a time of discovery. Wendy believes in education and giving her clients the best future possible. Her person-centered process creates an environment that allows her clients to succeed, embrace their family and friends, explore autonomy, and enjoy a process that can be stressful.

She begins her extensive process by first meeting with you and your student which allows your student to better understand who she is as a consultant, mentor and college counselor. Explaining the trends in college admissions and giving an overview of the process as well as having an initial contact with your student, allows him or her to have a stronger voice before beginning the journey together. Her students take three online inventories that depict interests, personality and highlights career and academic potentials.

Understanding Your Student’s Academic Profile and College Options

Wendy's counseling background and academic experiences help her to grasp and understand your student's academic strengths and weaknesses. She also helps to identify the right tutors for the SAT/ACT for your student based on learning styles, academic strengths and weaknesses and personality. She takes all the information gathered through various meetings, student and parent questionnaires as well as academic performance and creates a working college list. This list is a starting point in discussing college personalities, structure and selectivity. Once she reviews your student's college list, Wendy helps to develop your student's individualized college time line. She highly recommends that students visit their top 5 schools prior to applying. With her organized and developed guidelines, students not only begin their process on the right track but their confidence soars.

Before a student's senior year, Wendy works individually with all of her clients by creating strategies and a game plan for each application. She works with your student in generating ideas for college essays, supplements and an academic resume as well as discussing potential teacher recommenders.

Wendy believes that her expertise in college admissions gives her clients the techniques to successfully compose their applications and allows for personal growth.

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