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K-12 Private School Placement

With in an ever-changing school market like Atlanta and a financial investment of over $300K for 13 years it is critical to consult with a professional who has experience with admissions in the metro Atlanta area. Wendy Williams aims to deliver the following when working with families:

  1. Current and updated information about schools
  2. Personalized counsel about your child and family
  3. Long-term goals for families with “big-picture” insights

Wendy Williams helps families and students better understand the missions and values of schools throughout metro-Atlanta. She helps identify schools that are excellent matches for the student’s interests, abilities and for the family’s educational values. She takes time to visit schools annually and meet with Admissions officers to learn about the admissions landscape.

Wendy works closely with families in selecting schools that are appropriate for academic and social needs. It is important that she learn who your student is academically, socially and emotionally. In order to match schools that best fit your student, Wendy must know who your child is in and out of his or her classroom. If you would like for her to evaluate your student within his or her current academic setting, please let her know so that she can schedule a school visit.

The admissions process can be so overwhelming as you think about the most precious commodities in your home- your children. Carefully listening to your wants and needs, evaluating your child's strengths and weaknesses and helping you step by step in the process. Learning style(s), academic interests, extracurricular activities, and athletics as well as values and family ideals are important for Wendy to learn. Once the evaluation process has been completed, a list is provided to the family. Once we review your student's list, we help to develop your student's individualized timeline that includes campus visits, interviewing and SSAT testing. As an applicant, you have many challenges that affect your decision-making process. No family wants to begin under the pressure and fear of not knowing how to start this process. Wendy’s organized process helps your family every step of the way.

Her Comprehensive Placement Program includes:

  • Make a Plan -The first meeting helps establish the relationship between family and consultant while providing an overall road map for the admissions process.
  • Get to know your student - In order to identify best school matches for your student, Wendy will get to know who your child is both in and out of the classroom. Learning style, academic interests, extracurricular activities, as well as personal characteristics and personality are all important components of finding best school fits.
  • Evaluate Academic Profile - Wendy evaluates all academic records and psychological testing such as report cards, transcripts, standardized tests and psychological-educational evaluations.
  • Building a List – Once all information is gathered through various meetings, questionnaires, client testing/transcripts, Wendy will create a potential school list in collaboration with the family.
  • Creating a Timeline - Wendy creates an individualized timeline that includes campus visits, interviewing and SSAT testing.
  • The Application Phase – Wendy Williams helps with the application process and will review all applications prior to submission. This includes providing a safe and secure environment for student mock interviews with helpful feedback for every student.
  • Evaluate Acceptances - Together we will discuss your student’s options at the end of the process.
In addition to K-12 Admissions, Williams Educational Consultant is a Flex Test Center for the Secondary Schools Admissions Test. For more information, please click here.

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